Merging Items

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The outcome of the Current process for merging inventory items is that the details of the primary product will only be shown in the product profile.

The details of the secondary product, such as the suppliers and the images, will not get merged into the primary product.

The Merging option should be allowed to merge supplier prices together, Images and then provide a tick box on what info takes precedence.

EG: To Suppliers sell the same item but have different SKUs, cost but most of the info is similar. Ideally, it would be great to merge those items so that the primary item that currently has the existing supplier's info will then, under the supplier tab, show both suppliers' info (cost and SKU etc.).

Have the ability to select a preferred supplier as a default (used for quoting or pricing logic.

This creates a quick and easy way of consolidating skus, and haveing better control over purchasing and pricing logic.


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