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 We have just started to use the software and found an issue. Our business has a trade counter where our customer walk in and place an order. As we have products with serial number and without. For the products without the serial numbers there is no issue. Once we enter the order with serial numbers, we authorize it. At this stage system prompts Allocate or Dont allocate stock. Regardless what we choose at the Pick stage there is no products listed. We then have to press on Auto Pick so it will list the items what the customer had ordered. Also it will use random serial numbers. We then have to delete the products and scan the once we have picked.

We even tried to scan the product at the order stage but when authorizing it will not import the product that we scanned at the order stage in to pick section.

When we raised the issue, I was advised by support team that we can open 2 windows and see what the customer ordered so we don't have to use the auto pick function. This just is not practical.

Our other supplier using Unleased doesn't not have this issue.

Either we are doing something wrong, can someone guide us or is there a issue in the software?

Or there should be Tab on Pick stage to pick from the order and if the serial number are being scanned then it should allocate stock the we have chosen.

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