Toggle product family/variant on/off in B2B portal

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Hi DEAR team,

As a business with both a D2C channel (Shopify integration) and a B2B business (B2B portal integration), we've discovered that making product changes at one end - Shopify - leads to changes at the other end, the B2B portal. For example, we would like to establish product variants in Shopify so that our D2C customers can shop by flavour. Some product SKU's are available to both D2C/B2B, while others are designed solely for either B2B or D2C. 

When implementing variants in Shopify for D2C, the product pages for those SKU's available to both sets of customers are affected in the B2B portal as well, appearing as a product family matrix instead of a standalone SKU. 

The simplest fix would appear to be an option to toggle on/off product families/variants within the B2B portal integration. Are there any barriers to seeing this become a reality?

Thanks in advance


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