Sales Dashboard: Driving Sales Excellence and Informed Decision-Making

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I am thrilled to propose the inclusion of a Sales Dashboard as part of our ongoing endeavor to develop an advanced role-based dashboard. Our vision is to equip users with a robust set of widgets that offer a wide range of insights, enabling informed decision-making and driving sales excellence within Core.

The Sales Dashboard will provide a comprehensive view of sales performance through various widgets. These widgets will include 

  1. Sales summaries, 
  2. Categorize sales by channels, 
  3. Latest sale entries, 
  4. Top customer information, 
  5. Country or city-specific sales data, 
  6. Sales representative performance, 
  7. Analyze order and payment collection status, 
  8. Valuable sales KPIs and more.

In this discussion, I invite our esteemed community of users to provide their valuable insights and suggestions regarding the Sales Dashboard. 

Fun Fact: In the foreseeable future, we have plans to introduce additional essential dashboards within Core, including the procurement dashboard, warehouse dashboard, product performance dashboard, and business performance dashboard, etc. We value your input and would appreciate hearing which specific dashboard you would like to see implemented in Core. Your feedback will greatly assist us in prioritizing our development efforts and ensuring we deliver the most valuable solutions to our users. 

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  • Sharing some fascinating developments on how we anticipate user-friendly widgets and their customization. Any thoughts?

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  • Would be really keen to see a dashboard for Product Sales and Stock levels. Which can be broken down by Category, Brand, Suppliers, Product Atributes, etc. 

  • Hello Greham, 

    Thank you for your invaluable suggestion, which has sparked our excitement and intrigue. Rest assured, your request for our highly anticipated product performance dashboard will be granted the utmost attention and consideration. 

    Your feedback is vital to us :) 

  • Great to hear that there is some planned development in this area.

    For now, the two widgets I would like to see are:

    1. Sales Orders $ by date (not invoices, just authorised sales orders)

    2. Inventory items below minimum level

    I'll let you know if I think of any others.

    If these new widgets are going to be useful to all users, they need to be quite customisable. Every business is different and they want to view their information in different ways.

  • These would be so helpful.

    Right now we rely a lot on Shopify's dashboard but would love to see something like this in Dear that allows you to see channel by channel. In addition to what you have added here, we would love to see a product by product family report, the current widget on the dashboard shows individual product variants which is good but it would be nice to see it by family too. 

  • Hi Jay Craddock!

    We're delighted to hear that you're excited about the planned development in this area. 

    Regarding your requested widgets:

    1. Sales Orders $ by date: We have already started developing this widget, focusing on providing insights into authorized sales orders based on specific date ranges. The data visualization will allow you to track sales order trends and identify patterns over time. 

    2. Inventory items below minimum level: We absolutely recognize the importance of this widget and its applicability across various dashboards. We are planning to integrate this feature into the warehouse dashboard or can be with product performance dashboard. This will enable you to monitor and manage inventory levels effectively, ensuring smooth operations and timely restocking.

    Check out the attached mockup of the Sales Dashboard we're currently working on.

    Thank you for your engagement and enthusiasm in shaping our dashboard features :)

  • Thanks Charlie, that you find these helpful! 

    Regarding the request for a Sales by Channel Category widget, we're pleased to inform you that we're already working on it! This widget will enable you to view sales data categorized by different channels, providing a comprehensive overview of your sales performance across various platforms. To give you a sneak peek, we've attached mockup of Sales by Channel Category widget.

    We really appreciate your feedback & active involvement in shaping our dashboard!

  • Thi will be great Niyanta! 

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