Add Option To Use Contact Name Details For Address Sending To StarShipIt - Instead Of Customer Name Details

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Online Shopify orders can imported as a different name, maybe the payment (Customer) name - this could possibly lead to address contact details mistakes as people sometimes pay for product for friends/family/colleagues. Incorrectly name details on parcel cause postage/courier pick up issues for customers as their ID will not match the parcel details. Means more returns and unsatisfied customers. This is one of the main reasons I have not fully implemented DEAR Systems after a few months running the system side by side.

Technical Support Response - I have had a look into both orders to see where these names are pulling from. In Shopify, the name is coming from the 'First name' & 'Last name' Field, but the order from DEAR pulled through from the 'Customer' field not the 'Contact' field. This seems like it may have something to do with the mapping from DEAR which I am not too familiar with. I could get one of the support team to look into how to change this (if possible)?

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