Update Quickbooks Online Purchase Order to be closed when goods are received in Cin7

started a topic 6 months ago

Cin7 needs to mark each Purchase Order that has been created in Cin7, and pushed into Quickbooks, as "Closed" (in Quickbooks) once goods have been received, currently it does not do this.


When a Purchase Order (PO) is created in Cin7, it creates a respective PO in Quickbooks Online. However when the PO in Cin7 is received in full, it does not mark the PO in Quickbooks online as "Closed". As a result all Purchase Orders created in Cin7 remain "Open" in Quickbooks Online unless you manually mark each PO as "Closed" in Quickbooks.

This can create confusion for example, Book Keepers who are checking and closing off books for the end of financial year.

This could also create issues for other software connecting with Quickbooks, or in the event you were to revert back to using Quickbooks for Purchasing.


In some instances staff may only have access to Quickbooks Online and not Cin7, such as Book Keepers, this inhibits there ability to know if goods are received but an invoice for those goods has not been applied.

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