WMS - Auto-Generation of the PICK and PACK job list

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  • When you click either the PICK or PACK tabs on the WMS, the list of SO jobs are empty. 
  • It is only when you click the Search Icon, that the full list will populate showing the SO numbers that need to be completed.  
  • This takes unnecessary time for every job we complete, having to always click that search icon

Feature Request
  • I think DEAR should program the WMS, where upon launch/clicking on the PICK or PACK option, that it is programmed to auto-click the glass search icon, which would generate the job list. 
  • This would also apply when completing a job in the PICK or PACK menu, it returns back to the PICK or PACK home screen which again auto-triggers the generation of the job list that are remaining to be completed.

Note 1 

  • The glass icon / search icon should stay, for when manual refresh is needed.

Note 2

"On the Pick screen, to search for an existing sales order, you can either enter the order number manually or scan the UPC code, then tap Search. Leave the field blank before tapping search to view all unpicked sale orders from this location."

  • Reading the FAQ - this does not make logical sense, as the warehouse team do not know the SO number. They simply want to see task of jobs (SO) that need to be completed, where they pick one (or more), from oldest to newest. I don't even know why the FAQ suggests to scan the UPC code of a product - as that simply is not possible when a PICK hasn't even begun.

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