Profit Margin % - Product pricing, sales reports

started a topic 6 months ago

Is there a reason why we can't see % margins on our sales reports? Seems an obvious metric for business and sales management?

And as I've seen having the margin calculated automatically as we price up our products would be stupidly useful instead of flipping a calculator every time?

  • I second being able to see margins on the Prices tab for the product - whether we use static pricing or markup pricing. Why manually calculate (incl exchange rates) or have to wait until the sales stage to see the margins?

  • Totally agree - I have asked many times about gross profit % reports but nothing has come about. This needs to be sorted out. This is an extremely important topic as we measure profit by gross profit % and in dollar terms.

  • Thank you for your suggestion.

    This is planned for 2023 roadmap.


    Sayali Yevale | Cin 7 Core Product Team

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