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We would like to use Picking for Kitting however the component tracking needs to work similar to Auto Assembly when linked to Shopify. Currently if a Kit is not in stock but we have all the components and Auto assembly is turned on, Shopify knows how many packs can be created.

To utilise Picking for Kitting you need to turn off Auto assembly, however even if all components available, Shopify does not recognise how many complete Kits could be purchased and lists the item as out of stock if there are no completed Kits. This defeats the purpose of picking for kitting for us as we don't want to hold finished goods on the shelf, we want to pick all components when completing an order. 

Can you please update the feature so Shopify can track Assembly components like it does when Auto Assembly is turned on?

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  • Yep, we list bundles on Shopify, same as you. 

    We make a listing for the bundle in Shopify. In DEAR, for that listing, we turn on the BOM function, along with Auto-Assembly turned on. 

    This updates the quantities for both the individiual items available, along with the bundle products (if there is enough components to make that bundle etc). So it allows us to sell individually, or in bundles, and track quantity correctly, which is good.

    The problem is when it goes to the WMS on an order (for pick). It just contains a single SKU to pick (the SKU of the bundle), it doesn't list the items required to be picked to make that bundle (because auto-assembly assumes the bundles are 'automataclly created')

    If you turn Auto-Assembly off, then the bundle quantity in Shopify will be 0, until you manually create a bundle. This is not what people want.

    We need a hybrid approach, the same as auto assembly, but DEAR to show the individual items to collect on the WMS Pick/Pack screen.

  • Yes, exactly. A hybrid approach would be very beneficial. 

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