Suggested improvements to Assembly BOM

started a topic 11 months ago

1. It would be of great assistance to not only see the expanded BOM in the picking list but to be able to mark the individual items as picked when the complete stock is not available. E.G one of our assembly BOMs has 15 items in the kit, I currently have 14 of the items in stock but am unable to part pick the order. 

2. When a component of the BOM is missing it would be helpful to be able to see which component is missing and if it is on order rather than stating that the BOM is out of stock.

3. It would be helpful if the pick list for an assembly BOM showed the Bin locations on the  expanded pick list.

4. It would help if you could run a report on all the components showing allocated to orders, for reordering purposes.

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  • Point 3 v important to us too
  • Agreed - especially point 3!

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5 people like this idea
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