Feature Request: Tracking Number for inbound Purchase Orders(PO)

started a topic 12 months ago


It would be greatly beneficial to add an additional text field to Purchase Orders within DEAR Systems. 

  • This would allow for ALL/SELECTED staff to see tracking information on inbound PO's regardless if they're the one in contact with the Supplier.
  • This would also allow for Stock Receiving staff to search for shipments based on the tracking number of the received goods.

Suggest the addition of this field to be located here, by reducing the height of the Purchase Memo section by half. 


Additionally, this field could then be displayed in the Purchases>Awaiting Delivery - Filter/View. 

By excluding such a field, it leaves one aspect of the supply chain OUTSIDE of DEAR Systems. 
By including such a field, it brings tracking of PO's INSIDE of DEAR Systems.

Thank you for this consideration. 


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  • Great idea
  • Very helpful and essential

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3 people like this idea
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