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1. Automation workflows

1.1. Allows Jobs-related automated workflows

allow workflows on Jobs feature. DEAR currently allows it on Sales, Purchase, Lead,Opportunity. The ‘Jobs’ feature is tied to Milestones that are expected to be complete by a certain date - creating notifications or tasks based on this would be relevant


The Manual task creation allows us to choose ‘Job’ as an entity so it would be good to expand this and allow workflows to be created based on Jobs.

1.2. Manual tasks for jobs to show Customer name when selecting?

(Creating a Task in Calendar View) When manually creating a task and choosing the Entity under Entity Type=Job, we can only see the Job number and Job Description but not the Customer name which is in the Job record which would be more helpful. It is possible the same customer gets more than one job and the job description/number isn’t always enough information. Now the Job description needs to include the customer name to indicate who its for in the Calendar view as a workaround.


1.3. Text filter on Entity allows only record number and not other information

(Creating a Task in Calendar View) The text filter lets us search only by job number and not by Job Description/Customer which is very inconvenient. Staff cannot be expected to know what the Job number represents



1.4. ‘Task Due by’ not working correctly

(Automated Workflows configuration)In the Task Configuration, the note says “all 3 can be set to zero” when it is not possible as per the error message. At the same time there is an 'all day' checkbox that shows in the calendar view which is more convenient and logical to use.Can this be mirrored in the Task Configuration screen?


1.5. Auto-assigning of workflow tasks to a Sales rep

(Sales Workflow)Task configuration should allow users from the Sake Order to automatically receive the task ownership - right now it's either anyone or just 1 person-it is not possible to auto-assign a sale task to the sales rep for that specific Sale Record. 

For Jobs that generate Service Sales, it would be helpful to assign the task straight away, actually making it more ‘automated’ and saving time when there are many tasks being created.


1.6. Text filter in the Task Calendar view for ‘Assigned to’

The assign list is a long list to scroll through and select from. We cannot use a text filter to find a specific person to assign it to which is inconvenient when it is a larger organisation with many users.



2.1. Cannot generate ‘all accounts’ for automated Financial Payment Details report

The Financial Payment Details We can only choose only 1 account code in Report Scheduling and not ‘all’ like we can in the Reports module. As a workaround we have to create multiple scheduled report, one for each account code which creates multiple emails which can flood the inbox



2.2. Need for text filter for choosing account code

Account code under the Report Schedule is selectable only via scrolling down a list. This list can be very long to choose from and prone to errors in selecting the account  

Report Scheduling - cannot filter by typing Reports Module - allows filtering by typing


2.3. Clone button for Report Scheduling

(lesser priority feature request) Since we are not able to choose 1. multiple accounts per schedule or 2. Do multiple days of week or times per week, it would help to be able to ‘clone’ a scheduled report to save manual recreation and avoid data entry mistakes


2.4. (Priority) Reporting period improvements to choose day-wise lines

Report scheduling is not able to generate all lines for the current day only like in Report module.

Instead, Report Scheduling at best can show lines for ‘1 day’ which is actually the last 24 hours. Therefore as an example a report scheduled at



from 22/09

For reporting period of ‘1 day’ (smallest unit possible to select)

 shows all the lines from 22/09 11am back to 21/09 11am


The Reports module instead is able to show all lines from just one specific day


Being able to generate a more granular reporting period is important for the Financial Payment Details report because it is used to help staff reconcile payments manually for a given day on that same day.

2.5. Calendar to not create scheduled reports on public holidays

(Feature Request) Do not generate scheduled Reports on days where there is a public holiday. Currently only Task Settings has a ‘calendar’ but Report Scheduling is completely open-ended.

Report emails are still being sent even on public holidays because of this.

3. Notifications

3.1. Production notifications should include Job feature

Example if a Job milestone has been crossed, it should have an associated notification

4. Reminders4.1. Production reminders should include Job feature

Example if a Job milestone has been crossed or it about to be crossed, it should have an associated reminder

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