[Feature Request] Allow to change quantity of auto-pick through the API

started a topic about 1 year ago

We have a product set with costing method: Special - batch.

Through the UI when performing a disassembly, we are able to update the quantity for the autopick before authorizing.

I'm aware after authorizing the picks cannot be changed.

This is the flow we would use through the API:

  1. Create a disassembly
  2. Select location
  3. Select SKU
  4. Set quantity to disassemble
  5. click on autopick
  6. change the quantity of the picks for the ones we need
  7. authorize



Image of how we would change the quantity.

Now, we need to operate that workflow using your API.

Unfortunately, on POST there is no properties that allows us to change the quantities.
As well on POST of a disassembly, we can only set it to "WORK IN PROGRESS",

This authorizes the disassembly and we then have no way of changing the quantity.

The workflow we use for the API:

POST{Status: WORK IN PROGRESS, Quantity: 6, etc}This creates a disassembly with autopick done - and no way of changing it.

What we need are these steps:

1. Create a disassembly DRAFT

2. Retrieve autopick items

3. Set quantity

4. Update status to WORK IN PROGRESS

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