Option to allow batch selection in assembly pick step

started a topic almost 2 years ago

I have a need to sometimes change the item's batch number in the pick stage of assemblies. All my items currently are FIFO Batch, We really like that the system autoselects batches however, sometime during assembly specifically at the pick stage, the system does not auto-assign the correct batch number (First in) or the desired lot number and we need to change it.  The Special Batch is nice however, you have to manually select every batch number and on large assemblies, this takes too much time considering when the system selects batches is 95% accurate. 

Currently, we are readjusting the inventory manually for all of these issues which takes a lot of time.  

It would be nice to have one of these solutions,

Option 1. Costing method Special Batch would automatically pick the batch based on FIFO but you would be allowed to change if different during picking. 

Option 2. FIFO Batch/Serial  Have an option to allow change of the batch on the pick. 

Option 3. Create a new option FIFO Special Batch/Serial that would first pull based on FIFO during picking and allow change like how special Batch does. 

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