Eliminate redundancy of quantities for stock "in transfer" and "on order"

started a topic over 1 year ago

I am a new DEAR user in April 2022, the stock in transit is reported BUT is duplicated as stock on order, in other words, the product availability screen shows twice same stock quantity as "on order" and "in transit" which causes a lot of confusion and make difficult when pulling a report, product should be either as order or in transit, depending of the status, I will really appreciate DEAR fixing this issue

When is only "on order" is when there is a PO in progress (which works well)

When stock is transferred, then the duplication happens, reports the same stock in both columns, "on order" and "in transit" at this point, these products are already finished and shipped, why are they shown as "on order"? is there a reason to have DEAR working in the way we are now? why no fixing and showing as explained here.

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