POS Payment Summary Report - Export with transaction details.

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The Payment Summary Report needs to be exportable with the details of each transaction for reconciliation purposes so that it is capturing all payments collected in one day with the differentiation in whether it was a cash or card payment as some sales are made in POS and some are at the back end of DEAR. Not being able to print all transactions in POS of all the sales i.e any reports that are able to be printed are all summaries and not each transaction is hindering the day's end reconciliation of transactions.

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  • Yes, this would be great especially when we have different outlets.

    Hence we can reconcile all payments by location.

    Payment Summary report is well built, and is only missing the EXPORT to excel function by transactions.

  • Totally Agreed. Indeed they should set up the API for DEAR POS so we can get the data easily.

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2 people like this idea
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