Dear automatic restock location based on the credit note/exchange location

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Good day,

My client uses DEAR POS with many different outlets as well as an online sales channel. They do many cross store/channel returns.

Currently when something is purchased online/in a different store we are able to refund/exchange it in DEAR POS, however the restock location in DEAR does not automatically default to the location where it was exchanged. This can be selected manually, however it is a time-consuming task.

Example: A product was bought online, but was returned in-store. Why can't the restock location automatically go to that in store location set up in DEAR POS.

Is it possible to add a feature whereby items exchanged/refunded will automatically be restocked at the store where the return/exchange took place at, this could be a toggle within the Location's setup.

Please assist with this as it is a critical feature for my client to be able to function effectively on DEAR POS as their sales volumes increase.

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2 people like this idea
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