Remove Duplicate Invoices in RMA Flow

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I have been testing the RMA flow and although it is really promising, I've found it unusable because it generates duplicate invoices. 

In a scenario where a customer returns an item for replacement, the flow manages credit notes and replacement Sales really well, except it generates three invoices:

1. Original Sale invoice

2. A second invoice in the original Sale

3. A new replacement Sale which will produce a third invoice

Logically, I am expecting a credit note in the original Sale. The original Sale invoice will likely already have a payment associated with it so the credit note cannot be attached. The replacement Sale invoice should perhaps have the credit note attached to it.

I can see why Dear would make it difficult to apply the original Sale credit note to the replacement Sale invoice. But this is where it should be attached, if anywhere.

In the meantime, I cannot work out the logic behind the second invoice in the original Sale. I only shipped two items, how can I reconcile three invoices and one credit note?

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  • I just wanted to add how frustrating it is that the returned order goes back to ORDERED status as well.

    One replacement item, three invoices, and an order that can't be completed. The functionality is really broken. Any response Dear? The support team just said post here. This needs to be on the backlog with a higher priority, it means it's impossible to use the B2B return functionality too. It's so close to being a good feature!

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