Reorders to be created for the AUOM

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As the day-to-day operations prove over and over again in business, many times what seem to make sense in theory and on paper, might not necessarily make sense in practice.
The same applies for the functionality of the Additional Units Of Measure (AUOM) in Dear.

We have a product that we buy by a single UOM and sell by a single UOM or by an AUOM (bulk). So, it would make sense that if we can buy by a single UOM we should also be able to buy by a bulk AUOM, and this should be possible not only by manually creating the PO, but also through reorders.
As long as the product is the same, we should not have to create different SKUs for different units of measure only for the purchase purpose.

At the moment, reorders won't be created for the AUOM, which greatly reduces the efficiency in the workplace. 
Implementing such functionality will surely help many users.

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3 people like this idea
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