DEAR WMS - Auto-generate batch # when receiving, make expiration date optional

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I am requesting that the DEAR WMS app features reflect those of the DEAR desktop software. It does not make sense for anyone to utilize an app that makes their work more difficult.

For example, DEAR WMS requires that a batch # be manually input before allowing the receipt of an item. However, when receiving items using the desktop version, DEAR has the capability to auto-generate batch #'s linking them to the PO. The auto-generate feature can be a massive time-saver for our warehouse team while still providing detailed information in the case of a recall.

The other issue here is that an expiration date is required using DEAR WMS, but not on the desktop version. With our business, sometimes the items we receive do not come with expiration dates, therefore requiring us to make one up on the spot - which is most likely an incorrect guess. At that point, someone will have to use the desktop software to manually delete the made up expiration date.
This would completely disqualify any business managing inventory by FEFO from using this app.

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