Dear-Magento 2 Integration - MAKE IT WORK PLEASE

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We have implemented Dear Systems as our inventory system recently and one of the selling points was the fact that it could connect to our Magento 2 B2C online store and make it easier to manage products and their quantities. 
After the rollout we found out that this integration cannot handle Magento stores that have more than 1 storeview (i.e. English & Chinese).

It really messed up our products settings (All Store Views/English/Chinese) and updated random storeview settings. Many back and forth with Support team and they just could not explain why this behaviour when in fact the integration should only update the "All Store View" settings and ignore the English & Chinese storeviews. Initially they said that the integration only updates the first store Magento returns which in theory it should be "All Store View" set at StoreID 0 in Magento DB. 

It has been rather frustrating back and forth with support team and in the end they just came back with "this integration was not developed to handle your case" and brushed us off. The best part was that we were told to have to raise a feature request and lobby for further votes from other Dear users and they might consider doing something about it. 
So here we are, paying for a service that doesn't do what it is advertised to do. 

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3 people like this idea
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