Revised/Updated process for returning goods to supplier.

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We've found a slight glitch this week when trying to process faulty goods being returned to a supplier. Unless the goods have been invoiced, the "unstock" feature is greyed out. More often than not, faulty goods are returned before we are invoiced so this option needs to be available to meet the following workflow...

  1. PO created
  2. Goods received
  3. Faulty goods found and reported to the supplier
  4. Faulty goods returned to the supplier
  5. Invoice received
  6. Credit note received once faulty goods are received and inspected by supplier

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  • I second this. I have a similar issue right now whereby we received faulty goods and I'm not able to unstock (or at the very least put the faulty goods on hold) them before receiving a credit note from the supplier. These goods are still able to be sold by our sales team until the credit note is received. I would like to be able to unstock before a credit note or at least put stock on hold from selling.

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2 people like this idea
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