Outstanding Order/Backorder Notification on Pick

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Hi All,

Not sure if there is any other way around this using Automation but the process we are looking to achieve would be as follows;

When an order is Picked, a notification is created / popup advising the user that there are other outstanding orders or back orders which could also be shipped out to the same customer. Bonus feature would also be if you could set a tolerance to the back order time frame.

Example: Product A is on back order arriving into the warehouse in 2 days. The customer places an order for PRODUCT B which is currently in stock. The user goes ahead and process the order for PRODUCT B which will get picked, packed and shipped out. Ideally when the user picks PRODUCT B, Dear will warn the user that in 2 days PRODUCT A will also be available to ship, thus creating efficiencies with packing and shipping.



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  • Love this idea!  We keep everything awaiting other orders listed on a whiteboard but we always miss orders when too busy and forget to wipe them off.

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2 people like this idea
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