Stock transfer - Put away option has no copy feature

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We are using the Put-away option on stock transfers, but there is no option to copy the data from the pick tab to the put-away section - so every item needs to be re-added one by one. 

There is also no import or export options here, so if a long list is being transferred this is turning out to be a very lengthy process.

Love the copy option used throughout the Dear module and would be great to see it applied here as well.

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  • Hi Naomi,

    It seems to be working. Please check our user permission and try again. Also, try clearing your browser cache and try again.

    Best regards,
    Yohan Andrado | DEAR Systems Support
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  • @Yohan Andrado


    That the Fill from Order button doesn't appear if you are moving stock within a warehouse - assuming you put the same warehouse in from and to cell and then use put away to put into the right bin.

    Please add button or advise a better way to move stock bin within a warehouse.

  • Hi Yohan,

    The image you sent is for the Pick tab, our concern is about the Put-Away section. Please see the image attached in my original query above

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1 person likes this idea
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