Push order status updates from woocommerce to dear

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It would be great if woocommerce order statuses would be pushed into Dear. Examples:

 - Telephone order manually made in woocommerce, status pending or on hold. Order get created in dear. A few days later the payment arrives through bank transfer. We click on "processing" in woocommerce. Nothing moves in Dear. Our employees in the warehouse don't know that they can ship this order. Also payment is not registered in dear.

 - POS order (with woocommerce plugin, not dear POS) in our brick store. Order is created, paid and completed in a few seconds. Get created in dear, payment is registered, but not the "shipment" with the setting = auto pick-pack. If we would activete the setting auto pick-pack-ship, the POS orders would be processed correctly, but then how would our employees see the difference between a weborder that is already shipped (for real), and weborders that have the status shipped but have yet to be sent out.

If order statuses that are updated in woocommerce could trigger a paid and/or shipped status in dear, that would be awesome!

Any work-around suggestions are also great :) 

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  • Is there have any suggestion from DEAR?

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