Error in "Sales Order Details" Report. Bug Report?

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We are a whisky import & distribution business. From time to time we give away or discount bottles to specific customers for tasting, or as promotions. 

We need to report on the number of bottles given away and discounted, and are looking for a way to do this. We have tried using the Sales Order Detail report but have found some issues with this.  For example:

We sold 42 bottles of our whisky to a customer at full price, and add an extra line with the same whisky at 100% discount. The Sales Order Detail report shows that we sold 43 bottles at 50% discount. This is obviously wrong and misleading. If the sales order detail report was calculating this correctly, the numbers should look like:

43 bottles with a 2.38% discount

What I actually want to be able to report is that I gave away one bottle, so I was hoping that the Sales Order Detail report would show every line in the sales order, rather than sum up all lines of the same product. 

So, my question:

1) can you fix the report so that the % discount is calculated correctly?  AND / OR

2) Can you fix the report so that it shows every line in a sales order? AND / OR

3) Is there another way to get the information I need? For example a bulk export of sales order data? 



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3 people like this idea
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