B2B Orders - Continue Shopping does not bring you back to original place/position

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Hi Guys,
I requested this from Dear Support under [#241185], it was not resolved, they suggested this Forum.

Have a customer trialing our B2B portal for orders. This is their comment and feedback.

"after I add an item into my cart then I continue shopping it takes me to the top of the list and I have
to ‘load more’ multiple times to get back down to where I was to continue shopping."

This is a challenge as we have almost 900 items and we display in 10x4 array to display descriptions properly.
Is there a solution to this?

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  • We don't use B2B yet, but I can see this will be a problem for us too if we started using it. We may choose to use our WooCommerce site instead and have a trade user login, as this is integrating well with Dear.
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3 people like this idea
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