Please let us report on ALL stock movements to date (not just 1 year at a time)

started a topic about 2 years ago

We would like to audit the entire history of a product. Purchases, transfers, sales.

If you look under product details/movements you can see that the data is collected and available but you cannot export this.
- Feature request 1 is to please allow us to export this.

The Inventory Movement Details Report is kind of useful in this regard, but why is there a 1-year limitation on exporting the data? This means multiple exports have to be generated and merged in a spreadsheet externally, which can lead to errors if you accidentally miss a day in one of your date ranges when exporting. Merging multiple sets of data is a major issue we encounter with far too many reports in Dear. 
- Feature request 2 is to PLEASE remove this absurd limitation and let us set whatever date range we want to since the data is all there.


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3 people like this idea
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