Improvements on the WMS app scanning and quantity input

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I captured the attached video on the WMS iPhone app showing the issues that we are currently facing: 1. The WMS app processes each barcode one by one so we cannot scan such as 5 barcodes of the same item very quickly. Scanning too quickly results in error and this hugely slowed down the picking process. 2. If we manually change the quantity, the area that we should enter the quantity should pop up a number keypad to make direct change, instead of popping up a curser and a keyboard, as it requires a few additional typing to make the change. The above changes looks very subtle but when this happen in 50 items on each of the 20 orders everyday, now it is one of the major obstacle we implement the Dear WMS in our warehouse.

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  • Hi Travis,

    What are you using for your scanner with the WMS iPhone app?  Do you like the scanner?



  • I use this type of scanner that can be attached to the phone. It’s quite nice and scanning is quick, but the problem is more on the WMS app UI that require a lot of unnecessary touches to change quantity. It becomes a real issue when volume is high. So until now I’m not able to implement the WMS app in our warehouse, which I really I hope I could.
  • Also every upload of data in every scan is online, unlike the POS app. So if that corner of the warehouse Wi-Fi signal is not very good or when it’s connected to 3G mobile data. Every scan could take 1-2 seconds and it’s an issue also ….
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3 people like this idea
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