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Dear POS does not allow custom label sizes to be printed. Only default sizes available


Allow custom barcode label sizes to be printed from Dear POS.

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  • Hi Elle,

    Have you checked with support on this? The template team should be able to adjust the templates for you.

    Please email and request the template teams assistance.

    Yohan Andrado Antonio | DEAR Systems Support
    Schedule a 30-minute Support call
    You may also contact us via WhatsApp +44 1244 940807Continue learning with DEAR Academy
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  • Hi Yohan,

    Yes we have. The POS does not allow for custom sized labels, only preset labels that are based off common label types (see attachment for screenshot)As such, we have to remove a lot of details we'd like to print on the POS labels as we can't fit what we want onto the default label types. 

    Dear inventory does allow custom labels, so it would be great if it was possible add this feature to POS.


    POS labels.png
    (24.4 KB)
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4 people like this idea
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