Calculated pricing - base one price tier on the value of another

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It would be immensely useful to add the functionality to use a calculated markup/markdown on a price tier which is based on the value of another price tier. This would allow for greater price setting versatility and the use of discounts and deals in conjunction with price tiers

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  • This is actually how I thought the mark up based on Price Tier Value feature actually worked before I went to use it one day and found out it wasn't. What is the point of that feature anyway? You're marking up a manual entry field once and only one, the base value isn't referenceable anywhere else, so you might as well just have the marked up value be the actual value and ignore the whole markup thing all together.

  • I agree, this feature can save a lot of time when updating pricing.


    Price Tier 2 = 90% of Price Tier 1

    Price Tier 3 = 80% of Price Tier 1

    With this functionality Price Tiers using the calculation would auto update when the source Price Tier was updated.

    Need to be mindful when creating this functionality of what would happen when prices are updated via the export import (.csv file) feature. My theory is you would add three more fields to the database, Calculate Price (Yes/No) Source Tier (1,2,3 etc), Percentage (10,20 etc). This way the bulk changes can be made via the Import Export CSV.

  • They've actually already sectioned off this part of the inventory data into a separate import/export called Markup Prices, so it wouldn't require adding even more columns to the already massively long inventory list export.

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9 people like this idea
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