Keep up with the Cloud game - Expand Sales Module to cater for Annuity Type Sales

started a topic almost 3 years ago

Hi, Team,

Before I go out and purchase another software package just to manage this revenue stream, it would be great if Dear could look at expanding the sales module to cater for Annuity Style Business with Monthly Recurring Revenue. On face value it could be as simple as selecting a 'New Annuity Sale', that would allow you to build a SO as normal now, but to have facility to add details such as; Contract Term, Up Front Payments/Commissions, and Monthly Recurring Payments/Commissions.

This type of sale would stay in some kind of active status for the term of the contract (and beyond if renewed) and be able to track and capture payments/commissions paid to us by the vendor and payments/commissions paid from us to our reseller partner, automated through the Xero integration and Xero's repeating Bills to Pay function. Also nice to be able to provide details relating to anniversary milestones, such as renewal dates and pre-renewal date reminders.

In the technologies we play with, more and more Cloud propositions are emerging, so this is becoming a bigger part of our business (currently 6 different streams of Annuity style business - and Dear can't manage any!) – not that I have to explain the Cloud play to Dear ;) – but hoping you can put something on the roadmap (quickly!) to cater for this?


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