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Feature 1:

Customisable BOM's that can be easily edited during the pick/pack stage. The part substitute feature right now doesn't really work very well. But having a stage in the sales process that brings up the BOMs for each part in the SO, and then being able to scan in the parts that will be used in that BOM would be huge for us and managing appropriate stock levels, and therefore being able to utilise the B2B Portal and website integration much better.

Feature 2.

Allocating stock from orders yet to be received. Even before COVID we placed a lot of stock on forward order and often pre-sell stock before it arrives. Currently there is no way of allocating stock from an SO to a future order easily and seamlessly meaning we have to manage Google Sheets to keep track of current and future stock levels and can never be fully able to use DEAR to its full capacity or as it is designed.

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  • Ive tried to start a new topic several times and it never gets posted, so here is attempt number 4.

    Delivery note, we need to be able to have 3 fields of info per product line - 1) On this delivery 2) Delivered Previously 3) To follow

    Simple request but one that does not seem to be in place. I do not see the "backordered" being added to the delivery note as a solution as this simply shows what products are on backorder and is not reflective of the order stages as per above. There could be other reasons a certain item has not been dispatched as yet.

    This needs urgent attention as its a simple procedure but appears missing in Dear.

  • B2B Portal Feature - suggest item with another item, in my example we sell speakers, one speaker may need a backbox (another SKU) many other sites have this and i did expect Dear B2B to have this essential feature, but that is not the case?

  • Sometimes stock either fails QC or is returned by a customer. It is not in pristine condition, but still has some value or utility (for example, to provide as a replacement, or to give away for free). 

    There needs to be a way to mark stock as damaged or depreciated (hence with reduced value) without writing it off completely.

  • 1.  Allow updates to barcodes of skus during a stock take.  We sometimes have inventory that have the FNSKU label from amazon that covers up the UPC.  Would be great to be able to click an update barcode button and scan the FNSKU as a secondary barcode that's associated with the sku.

    2.  Direct integration with Veeqo as an alternative to shipstation.  Veeqo was just bought by amazon and will be a very good alternative to shipstation.

  • B2B Portal - Please add the SKU to the shopping cart, currently this only shows the description - developers, add another line to include the SKU so that this check page of the shopping cart verifies to the purchaser that the correct items are to be purchased - SAVES RESTOCKING and TAKING BACK & CREDITING INCORRECT BOUGHT ITEMS



    It's the law in Australia to indicate prices are Ex GST (Excluding Goods Service Tax) 

    Below it shows RRP (which now should say SRP, as you are no longer legally allowed to use the terminology 'Recommend' only now to be called 'Suggested')

    The other price you can see is the Ex. GST price, this legally need to say ExGST after this price.

    There is no way in Dear to change the terminology after these prices, and if you switch on Tax, both the exGST and the RRP show Tax Excluded next to them???

    Most B2B in this country show the buy price always in ex GST and the RRP is typically shown.


    In the check out also, it does not show the Ex GST also?

    should show what type of tax this is please?


    The feature is to Please allow the prices to have a custom Tax lingo next to each price, possibly before and after the money figure

  • Hi Paul McLean,

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Below suggestions are already planned for year 2023 roadmap.

    • B2B Portal Feature - suggest item with another item 
    • B2B Portal - adding the SKU to the shopping cart


    Sayali Yevale | Cin 7 Core Product Team

  • Feature Request - WMS Signature capture for products collected directly from the warehouse.

    It would be wonderful to have a signature facility in WMS that allows us to capture the signature of the person collecting goods from the ware house (that then synced the typed name and date field to the ship screen of the Sales module and the signature to the attachments)

    Can this please be considered for future development

  • Since our invoicing and shipping correspond, all of our business involves shipping before invoicing, I would like to filter out all orders that have already been shipped in the sale general view so that I can know which ones need to be invoiced.

  • DEFAULT LOCATION when creating a new assembly. Having to choose Main Warehouse every time for the last 7 years is getting tiring.

    PRODUCT CATEGORY FIELD is displayed and populated automatically after entering SKU when creating a new assembly.

    This will enable the person to select which finished goods document to choose to print for the workshop based on seeing the product category rather than having to search the products in another tab to find the product category.

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