Stock first vs Invoice first - for Sales Orders!

started a topic 5 months ago

We really need the option for a 'stock first' or 'invoice first' approach as is presented in Purchase Orders to be reflected in Sales Orders.
The options would be 'fulfilment first' or 'invoice first'.
I understand this can be changed in General Settings which is good, however as we supply to customers on Retails Terms (i.e. pay up front prior to fulfilment) and wholesale customers (i.e. pay on account post fulfilment) we need this setting offered based on the Payment Terms of the customer or something similar. 

Sales Orders could support this with the 'Customer Default Settings' and/or the tick box options on the Sales Orders themselves. 
If  it was included in the Customer Default Settings this could ensure any users who do not require this function do not encounter have any issue with it, whilst ensuring users (such as us) are accommodated for and do not have to find work arounds for this issue.

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2 people like this idea
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