Individual scanning instead of current batch scanning on WMS

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Currently when using the Pick section of the WMS app you scan the batch and it will auto pick the complete quantity if stock is available. It would be very handy to have an option that would allow  us to scan each individual batched product so can we guarantee to pick the right amount. For example. I need ten boxes of one product. I scan the relevant batch and, since i have 12 in stock, it auto picks the complete batch and fills the order. it would be good to be able to have a setting that allowed me to scan each of the ten (our picking process is a packing process aswell, hence the need to have this feature). 

Currently this feature is available in the transfer tab of WMS where it lets me scan each of the ten boxes individually (as per me example above). 

Please can you allow this to happen. this would also help with the ability to scan different batches and part picking, as it stands now i have to partially pick and then adjust quantities of relevant batch, finish picking then go back in to the order to be able to select another batch to complete that line item

I hope this makes sense

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  • The lack of this feature, which is common to most fulfillment systems, is costing me thousands of dollars.

    There is an option for transfers that requires each item to be individually scanned for a transfer.  I hope it can be adapted for fulfillment.

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6 people like this idea
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