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The notifications automation is a useful feature, though it is missing many parameters that would help justify the cost of the notification add-on (currently US$550 per year)

Parameters are the tags you add into the notification message that are replaced by data pulled from DEAR, e.g.: [[CustomerName]] or [[SaleID]])

For inspiration on the fields you can request, the parameters correspond to the document template MailMerge fields — a full list of which is available here:

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  • Notification: "Sales have been paid but not yet fulfilled"

    Requested Parameters:

    • Invoice Number
    • Customer Name
    • Customer Contact Name
    • Required by Date
  •  Notification: "B2B Order has been created"

    Request: [[OrderDetails]] tale contains too much detail  — customers think the pricing in the table is final and make payment (can exclude shipping/service/handling charges etc.)

    Please remove pricing columns, or create another parameter for [[OrderDetailsNoPricing]] table that excludes pricing info (Price, Amount, Tax, Shipping, Total, etc.)

  • Totally agree Ross, we need more parameters available in Notifications, and to correspond with the mergefields from Doc Templates

  •  Thanks for your support Daniel,

    I think it would also be better not to have limitations on the parameters available — that way we could appropriate Notifications to different applications if the trigger suits,

    It would even more flexible if we could build notifications from a generic base using "if this then that" logic, so we could customise Notifications to suit our specific need

  • Notification: "Sale invoice status is AUTHORISED but not printed/emailed (x) days after creation"

    Request: Create a notification similar to the existing "Sale quote status is AUTHORISED but not printed/emailed (x) days after creation" but for invoice

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2 people like this idea
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