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The notifications automation is a useful feature, though it is missing many parameters that would help justify the cost of the notification add-on (currently US$550 per year)

Parameters are the tags you add into the notification message that are replaced by data pulled from DEAR, e.g.: [[CustomerName]] or [[SaleID]])

For inspiration on the fields you can request, the parameters correspond to the document template MailMerge fields — a full list of which is available here:

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  • Notification: "Sales have been paid but not yet fulfilled"

    Requested Parameters:

    • Invoice Number
    • Customer Name
    • Customer Contact Name
    • Required by Date
  •  Notification: "B2B Order has been created"

    Request: [[OrderDetails]] tale contains too much detail  — customers think the pricing in the table is final and make payment (can exclude shipping/service/handling charges etc.)

    Please remove pricing columns, or create another parameter for [[OrderDetailsNoPricing]] table that excludes pricing info (Price, Amount, Tax, Shipping, Total, etc.)

  • Totally agree Ross, we need more parameters available in Notifications, and to correspond with the mergefields from Doc Templates

  •  Thanks for your support Daniel,

    I think it would also be better not to have limitations on the parameters available — that way we could appropriate Notifications to different applications if the trigger suits,

    It would even more flexible if we could build notifications from a generic base using "if this then that" logic, so we could customise Notifications to suit our specific need

  • Notification: "Sale invoice status is AUTHORISED but not printed/emailed (x) days after creation"

    Request: Create a notification similar to the existing "Sale quote status is AUTHORISED but not printed/emailed (x) days after creation" but for invoice

  • I Agree with Ross. 

    for me it would be great if you could add Tracking Number as a Supported placeholder for email notification when creating sale worklfow in the automation section. this would allow users to set up an automated email with tracking information to be sent to B2B customers only. Currently it only possible to send email notifications with tracking numbers for All sales that flow through DEAR rather than to just a select group i.e B2B customers. Alternatively you could set up shipping notification (that has tracking info) in the B2B section of the automation. 

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4 people like this idea
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