Order the picklist on the WMS app for Auto Assembled products

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In order to make the picklist on the WMS app match the picking route in your warehouse we have to use Bins and allocate stock to each bin. However I have products which are auto assembled (we buy a box of 10 packets and sell by the packet and also by the box - it auto disassembles into packets then auto assembles when sold).

For some completely unknown reason these auto assembled products that we sell by the box cannot be allocated to bins and so end up on the bottom of the picklist - so we have to two laps of the warehouse - once for the packets then another one for boxes that are now in alphabetical order and all over the place.

There apparently seems to be no solution for this except individually manually build boxes every time theyre sold. 

I was using the stock locator to arrange my picklist on the WMS app - until one day it stopped working - but the tech support are telling me this never worked and are completely dismissive when I tell them that it worked for me for about a year.

Can anyone help here? Its extremely frustrating for all my products to have just rearranged on the picklist all of a sudden.

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