Bulk Listing upload via Woo Commerce

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Helpful if we could enter a list of SKU's, say separated by a comma, for bulk upload. 

At present, I have to individually enter the SKU's I need uploaded. Reason being is that they fall in varying categories, brands, tags etc

  • Hey Erin, you can actually do this but the 'bulk upload' part of the work is done within Dear > Products:

    In Products, export Inventory list, then use the CSV in Excel to filter all the products you're wanting to bulk upload to your Woo site.

    Once you've got your final list, in the Tags column add a common tag to all products you wish to list on the Woo site (e.g we use the tag 'web-[site name]'. 

    Then in Integrations > Woo > Bulk listing section, select the above tag and hey presto ,  your bulk list is ready to upload to Woo :)


  • Hey Daniel,

    There is a number of issues that I had with this suggestion;

    1. Not sure how to filter the inventory list by date entered.

    2. The website shows the "tags" so if i make new tag, then that will be uploaded too so I then need to go into each product and remove the tag.



  • Appears some of your internal processes may also be impacting what you're seeking to achieve, but this suggested workaround (which we use) is within the scope of Dear's functionality at present .

    Hopefully you can find a solution :)

  • Hi Erin,

    What Daniel has suggested is the best way to work around your issue. You will need to use one of those filters to bulk list your products accordingly.

    Thank you Daniel for the answers provided!

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