COGS for Service Sales and Non-Inventory Items

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I believe this to be be more of a bug-fix than a development request, as even Dear's own definition of 'Non-Inventory' items contradicts how the system calculates (or does not calculate in this case) COGS. 

And services that are charged to us that we on-sell, such as remote support contracts, carry a cost to us and hence need to reflect correctly on sales reports, and not incorrectly show 100% profit due to $0 being records as COGS. And furthermore, these clearly fall under the definition of a Service Sales, so the service [product] being sold should not have to be loaded in the system as 'Stock'. This points to an obvious work-around, hence this should be regarded as a bug fix, in my opinion. Appreciate it if this could be looked into. 

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  • It's either a bug that DEAR doesn't calculate GOGS or that it allows adding a BOM to a non-inventory item. :-)

    I also would like COGS to be calculated on these items. My largest use case is that we track sales of digital items. Although there are no physical components contributing cost, some of our digital items carry a license cost that we must consider. We pay royalties on some of these items based on net sales, so those numbers are currently wrong in the reports.

  • We also have a similar problem.

    It would be great to be able to add the cost of an item in the sales order line for the item so that we can track COGS

  • Hi Everyone!

    If there is an expense for a service sale, this will need to be added as a manual journal. Since we cant store these items, there is no way to record COGS for these.

  • That would be rather time consuming. 

    For us it would be great (as in other systems) to be able to put the item cost into the sales order line for the item (so enter Qty, Cost and Sale Price). 

  • Hi Mathew,

    Thank you for the feedback. I have forwarded this to the team.

  • Would be a most welcome addition from what I have seen in these forums. 

    Thanks very much Yohan!

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2 people like this idea
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