Customer group (Parent And Child Customers)

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Hi Guys, 

Can you please add customer groups feature. Where you could group a set of companies. 


  1. Parent Company 
  • Child Company 1 
  • Child Company 2
  • Child Company 3
And when you invoice give the option to either bill to the parent or the child. (This can be a customer level setting). 

Lot of my clients want this feature. ATM we are trying to use the additional attributes to capture this information and it is not a great experience.


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  • This is a must for anyone dealing with large buying groups - This has been raised in other Forums and DEAR have not responded to date - so unlikely to do so now. Work arounds are not a solution

  •  I don;t think this would be very hard to with the API, if the solution of raising a credit note and then reinvoicing to the parent account is acceptable.

6 people like this idea
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