DEAR WMS - Unused or empty Bins - Need the ability to cleanse/purge empty items - bin relationships

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Any WMS system needs to cleanse/remove lines and records when you transfer stock out of a Bin.


Product A is located in Bin 1 - 10 units

Product A is moved/transferred to Bin 5 - 10 units.

On Product Availability screen now when you lookup Product A and it has 2 records now,

Product A in Bin 1 - 0 units

Product A in Bin 5 - 10 units

When the product is transferred/removed the record to Bin 1 should be removed  or you should have the ability to cleanse the item - bin relationship periodically (be it import or export). That way when you replenish you don't confuse and empty bin with one that has been transferred out. 

Running a warehouse you change locations to optimise pick locations, move items between bins for example in replenishment (bulk - pick area) and this is constantly changing. We don't want the bin records to blow up and void the usefulness of the product availbility screen which is heavily used by everyone (imagine seeing 10-15 records as each bulk or pick location is used just once in running a busy warehouse).

Hope this makes sense, it should be an easy adjustment/add to function.

  • Hi Jarred!

    To avoid this we have added the below shown checkbox.

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