Auto dis-assembly and auto assembly - Quantities shown as on hand for larger UOM's for inventory functions.

started a topic over 2 years ago

Please may we get an auto assembly function which can convert singles into the larger UOM's not only for sales but all functions relating to inventory control.

This would be an asset to the WMS suite as currently on receipt of stock with auto disassemble all inventory is disassembled to the single item which when any of the inventory functions are applied(transfer/pick/put away ets), you can only do a manual entry as to scan singles of a case of items it time inefficient and storage inefficient. (or use a calculator) 

Being a company that assembles kit-type items from many SKU's we would only unpack cases etc on a kit assembly pick. This leaves all our stock in the larger UOM until it is required for assembly. 

Being able to see the on hand per bin level as apposed to available would be of great benefit. As on hand items are scannable.

Many thanks

Ken Rice

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2 people like this idea
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