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When entering data into a field, AUTO FILL will bring up an option.  If you press ENTER or TAB, it DOES NOT select what was auto filled into the field, it selects whatever is highlighted in gray from the list shown.

Here is a short video to show what happens.  This AUTO FILL bug is costing us lots of money.  As a User, if i see it filled with what I want, then TAB/ENTER is the next logical move to continue with the data entry. 

How it is now, is extremely poor UI design.

I have raised it with DEAR but feel that they are not interested.

Here is a video I did showing how Prospect & Xero handle auto fill/select with our stock and how DEAR does.

I can't be the only person who wants to use it this way.  I recall as a UI tester, we had to cater for mouse users and keyboard users.

We moved to DEAR to move away from paper based Work Order recording but while this auto-fill issue keeps happening, we can't.  Too many errors for us to allow the whole team to do the data entry.

They don't seem to be keen to try for solutions.

If I sound cranky, we are.  We have spent a significant amount implementing DEAR and we are not getting the benefit.  Would have been better sticking with OSTENDO.

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  • Hi Rach,

    I wasn't able to replicate this issue. As I start typing, the dropdown list keeps reducing. I'm also on Mac but I use Chrome and not Safari. Maybe this issue is only on Safari? 



  • It happens on Windows Chrome. I just did it in my Mac to generate video over the weekend. The team are all on PC’s with Google Chrome as x we where advised to use
  • Hi Rach,

    We have run tests on this and it does not seem to happen on our side. However, there was a safari issue which we did address and was fixed earlier this year.

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