Allow prices and weight to be available on pending purchase and fulfillment details

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To control our supply the most important information we need are the outstanding items on purchase and sales orders. At the moment the reports to get this information (Pending purchase and fulfillment details) lack the ability to include important information (weight, supplier price, customer price). At the moment we are duplicating this information in the additional attributes fields so we can easliy include it and don't need to run and combine multiple reports. 

The drawbacks of having to do this are:

1. We're using up additional attribute fields that we could put other useful information in.

2. We have to remeber to update these fields as well as the actual price fields when we have price changes.

I would think this is a fairly basic reporting need for a lot of companies.

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  • I agree, having the weight info from the product on the fulfillment report is urgently required.

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