Undo steps instead of entire entry in simple sale/purchase

started a topic about 3 years ago

It would be useful to have the ability to undo a particular step in sales/purchase functions - currently if amendment is needed at a later step, it requires to undo the whole entry, this is unnecessary and also could be difficult if the entry was created in the locked period but some actions performed after period lock. 

It would also be helpful if the permission to undo is divided into steps - ie. user can undo order and pick/pack, but not the invoice

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  • yes definitely!
    have seen plenty of other requests for this feature too!

  • Hello!

    In a simple sale, the pick, pack and ship stages can be undone on its relevant tab. If you need to undo just the invoice, this has to be converted to an advanced sale. A simple purchase does not allow this which means you will have to convert this to advanced purchase to support this.

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3 people like this idea
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