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Does anyone else need this, or is it just us?! Ability to set product pricing by family. Otherwise a very long process to set up and manage where you have multiple SKU's per family. (For us it is garments which can have 30 sizes per family sku.

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  • Im pretty sure that's possible already Rick?. In a Product Family, you have the 10 price tiers down the right side of the page. Pricing changes in here 'should' set pricing for the variations, however you can also overwrite variation pricing on a per SKU basis on the Variations tab.

  • Interesting.....I think what we need though is the special producct pricing by family. So when setting special prices for customers, from Customer/Product Prices, you can only set 1 SKU at a time.

    So if we give a customer a special price on a product, which overides any tiers they are on, in our case where we sell garments, a pair of trousers can have 30 skus (different waist sizes, leg lengths etc), and all are the same, they have to be set individually.

    So this is Product Prices by Family by Customer..

    Does this make sense? Or am I still missing a trick!

  • Thats a good point Rick, and one I totally agree with. Need to be able to select the whole family SKU to apply special prices to

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2 people like this idea
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