Unable to set up Mark-Up for New Items which haven't arrived Yet

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Dear Support Team,

Setting up the Mark-Up on Average Costs is a really good feature.

The issue I have is that when creating new products which haven't arrived yet, we are unable to set up the Mark-Up on Average Cost as the amount would still be zero. I get that we cannot multiply something by zero and the error is justified. However, this means that after the first consignment, one would have to go and amend the price details to set up the Mark-Up which can be forgotten about.

It would be great if DEAR would let us set the Mark-Up on Average Costs even though it would be a zero as it would be ready for when the item arrives. In cases like this, the calculated price would be a zero instead of not letting us save it as is.

Thanks you in advance for your support

Best Regards,

Luke Bilocca

Scope Solutions 

  • Please note that its important to have it on the average cost as this will also include the Freight Charges automatically. Using the Latest Price or the Fixed Price will not be accurate enough.


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