Fulfillment Details Report - filter by fullfilment date

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I would like to ask that the dates that the filter is applied in the report
//Home / Reports / Fulfillment Details Report 

! should be the fulfillment dates, 

not the order dates

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  • I'd also like to filter by Sale status. This would let us exclude Sales marked as Closed despite having an incomplete fulfillment. These Sales will never be picked, packed and shipped and it would be nice to be able to remove them from the ever growing list. 

  • Could we please be able to rearrange the column header fields as well, so I could group first by Fulfillment Status, then by Order # (for example). 

  • Hello everyone!

    The fulfilment report does filter sales according to the order date. However, you can drag the shipment date upfront so that you can order sorted via the shipment date.

    Unfortunately, the sale order status is not available in this report. You can use the sale order details report which has order status and invoice status.

    As for the fields in the column header. These can be rearranged.

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2 people like this idea
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