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The Ship By date is really useful in Sales Orders, and we generally instruct and DEAR clients we set up to use it for all orders where possible because it shows on various reports, and alerts you if something doesn't ship.

To enhance this, it would be great to have an optional setting in DEAR to have a default Ship By date (i.e. choose a number, then drop down 'days', 'weeks', 'months'. So I could say I want all orders to default to ship by three days. That would fill based on the order date placed in the system for a Sale.

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  • Yes yes yes!!

    We use Ship by dates in so many reports and KPIs.

    Especially for sales through integrations - the Ship by Date is auto-filled as today's date, and has to be changed manually for every...single...order. Would be ideal if we could customise this per sales channel/integration too.


    B2B Portal - add 3 days (business days)

    Shopify - add 1 day

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