Shippit to use the Customer instead of Contact Name

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We send stock to retail and wholesale customers. When orders get pushed into Shippit it sends the contact name instead of the customer name. Therefore we can never find the store name in shippit when tracking orders. 

Could this please be implemented to avoid us having to manually change the contact name to the customer name.

Strangely the label prints correctly - customer name and then contact name 

We need to be able to quickly track that order down in shippit instead of wasting time searching for the order in Dear and then going to the shipping site.

Rosy Linden

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  • Not sure what your internal process is for tracking orders, but I guess you know that Shippit pushes the tracking number back into Dear after the Shipment is confirmed & booked?

    So instead of going to Shippit backend to track the order, you can look up the sale within Dear and obtain the tracking number from the Ship section of the sales order.


  • Yes, thanks I am aware of that. But it doesn't give me any details. I still need to go and put that number into a tracking website to find out the status for a customer. Much easier to go straight into shippit and check the status on it.

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2 people like this idea
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